ICMAN - Tissue/Cell Culture Core


The Tissue/Cell Culture Core (TC core) provides facilities and expertise for the development and preparation of in vitro models for study of cochlear development, function, and consequences of deafening or trauma. Individual experiments may use multiple cores. Each of the cores was established to provide the greatest interaction between ICMAN faculty and to provide an opportunity to further potential collaborations.

Services Provided

There are two comparably-equipped facilities, one in 5256D CBRB managed by Jason Clark, the other in 232 BB managed by Cathy Kane. Both are fully equipped for most culture techniques, with biosafety cabinets (sterile hoods), CO2 incubators, dissection stations, centrifuges, and inverted microscopes. Investigators can use the facilities to dissect rodent tissues and prepare and maintain primary cultures or maintain cell lines.

For the most experienced users who may not have fully-equipped tissue culture facilities, the core will provide just that: a facility in which they can schedule time to do dissections, prepare and maintain cultures, including routine observation of the health of the culture using phase contrast microscopy.

Less experienced users will be able to obtain advice and assistance in preparing and maintaining cultures. This includes teaching and observation of culture technique to improve performance and troubleshoot problems. To facilitate training, the core has available video-equipped dissecting microscopes and a video library of demonstrations of dissection and culture techniques.

Least experienced users will be served by having the TC core RA prepare and maintain cultures for their experiments while being trained in culture techniques.

The core directors and RAs will also work with investigators to develop or modify culture preparations to optimize them for particular experiments.

Research Supplies

The Tissue/Cell Culture Core can provide limited supplies for use by investigators. Please check the Supplies List for more information.

Schedule a Consultation

If you require consultation or training on a project for the Tissue/Cell Culture Core, please contact the following to schedule an appointment:

Cathy Kane
Research Assistant II
Phone: (319) 335-1910
Email: catherine-kane@uiowa.edu

Jason Clark
Research Assistant III
Phone: (319) 335-9729
Email: jason-clark@uiowa.edu

Ongoing Research Projects

Auditory Cortex PSD95-GFP DsRed