Drosophila americana Lines
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41° 33.0' N (estimated from map)


87° 22.0' W (estimated from map)

Description South side of I-94, in marsh between Kennedy and Cline exits, west of Gary, Indiana
Date 10/5 - 10/14/1996
Collector B. F. McAllister
Freq. X-4 98%
Lines avail. 11 iso-female lines
Citations McAllister & Charlesworth, 1999, Genetics 153:221-233 ; McAllister & McVean, 2000, Genetics 154:1711-1720 ; Viera et al., 2001, Genetics 158:279-290; McAllister, 2003, Genetics 165:1317-1328 ; Schäfer et al., 2006, Heredity 97:291-295 ; Evans et al., 2007, Genetics 177:1303-1319  

Iso-female Lines

For each locality, the frequency of the X-4 fusion chromosome in the sample is indicated as the portion of the circle that is filled and the frequency of unfused X chromosomes is indicated by the unfilled portion. Click on the sites to get information on the number of chromosomes analyzed, the exact locality data, and the availability of iso-female lines.


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